Saturday, January 19, 2013

Where In The World?

Many moons ago, back when Baby Girl was in seventh grade, we hatched a plan. We’d start saving all our loose change and when she graduated from high school we’d use that money to take a trip somewhere, just the two of us.

Well, can you guess what’s happening this June? Baby Girl is graduating high school. We’ve saved and saved our coins, and it’s time to take a trip.

We had several locations in mind, but one turned out to be way more expensive than our little coin collection allowed (even with extra help from mom and dad), and one demanded more travel time than we had (timing issues--ugh!). But one seemed just right...

Here’s the fun part. If you guess where we’re going (exact location), I’ll send you a signed advanced reading copy of THE  GOOD, THE BAD, and THE WITCHY (due out in April).

I’ll post extra clues throughout the day so keep checking back and keep guessing. **You can guess as many times as you want.**

First clue: There’s an ocean nearby.
Second clue: We do not need passports.
Third clue: This site is not in the Eastern Time Zone.
Fourth clue: We do not have to fly over an ocean to get there.
Fifth clue: According to Wiki (always a reliable source <g>), this city was founded by a priest.
Sixth clue: This city is on the west coast of the U.S.
Big honking clue seven: Baby Girl wants to become a behavioral biologist and really wants to study a certain kind of animal we both love (LOVE!). This area is famous for that animal! It's a marine mammal.

WE HAVE WINNERS! Congrats to KRISTIN A and BRITTNEY! See comment section for details on how to get your ARCs. Congratulations!!!

Thank you, everyone, for playing along. It's been fun.

If you missed the answer, Baby Girl and I are going to MONTEREY and staying in CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA. We're very excited to see all those OTTERS. :)
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