Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcoming the Coming of Old Age Genre!

by Deb Baker

Those of you who have been following my career from the beginning, or have recently discovered sixty-six year old Gertie Johnson, know that I love writing about aging characters. Unfortunately, while the past is firmly populated with protagonists of a ‘mature’ age, the current trend in publishing has paid homage to a much younger set. They want ‘em young.

Or did. Until now.

Enter a new exciting genre - Coming of Old Age (and for a certain generation there's also Boomer Lit). Mike Befeler coined the phrase Geezer Lit way back when it wasn’t fashionable. He had a vision, and he wasn’t afraid to take the risk. Mike’s fourth in his wonderful series called Cruising in Your Eighties is Murder, featuring a hero who struggles with short-term memory loss, came out today. My kind of guy. Mike’s vision of the future was spot-on.

Suddenly, romance and mystery, growth and change, isn’t only for the young. Those of us in our fifties and beyond want to strut our stuff, too. We want satisfying relationships. Some of us have to deal with all the complexities of our long-term relationships – grown up children, grandchildren, our aging parents, spouses we’ve been with forever.  Some of us are in the process of beginning anew.

Older protagonists have many advantages over their younger counterparts. They are immune to peer pressure. They march to a different drummer, one far more interesting and experienced. And they aren’t afraid to take chances.

Yes, we have a whole lot to offer in the third act.

And that’s a very good thing!
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