Friday, January 25, 2013

The over-stuffed crock

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

I'll bet just about everyone who reads this blog has a utensil crock on (his or) her counter.  I do.  And over the years I've had to upgrade again and again to a bigger size.

My crock contains:

Bottle brush
Cheese grater (2)
Chopsticks (4-5 pairs)
Cocktail spoons (2)
Ice cream scoop
Meat tenderizer
Pasta spoon
Pastry brush (2)
Soup ladle (2)
Spatulas (wayyyy too many—and not nearly enough)
Spurtle (2)
Tongs (3)
Veggie scrubber
Whisks (at least 3)
Wooden spoons

Of course I've got smaller utentils cluttering up my silverware drawers, too.

I've often thought of culling the contents.  I mean, do I really need all this kitchen junk?

YES!!!  Who knows when I might make three separate dishes that all require a clean whisk? And if I make a really gooey dessert, I might need five or six different spatulas. 

What do you have in your kitchen crock?


Shel said...

I had to laugh at this - my "utensil crock" is a flour canister! If I recall correctly (and I'm too lazy to get up and go look right now), the contents are: tongs, meat fork, four slotted spoons, two regular spoons, two ladles, two rubber spatulas, five wooden spoons, three egg-turners, one bbq spatula (for removing frozen pizzas from the oven), one pizza cutter, meat tenderizer, two whisks, and a pasta spoon.

Heather said...

I have 3 crocks situated on different sections of my counter. They contain a variety of cooking spoons, slotted and not, 3 or 4 different ladles, a rubber spatula 5 or 6 different spatulas form flipping everything from pancakes to hamburger and 3 whisks. ;)

ponyswimgal said...

What great comments! I had NO idea you could use a flour canister for a utensil crock OR that you could have more than ONE! Ohmigosh -- this opens up so many possibilities, I'm going to have to make a quick trip to the dollar store. Thanks everyone!!

mzflip said...

I use an old Longaberger basket (with plastic protector) for my utensils. In it I have six spatulas, two spotted spoons, five pancake/burger turners, one fork, one slotted pasta spoon, one wooden spoon, and one big spoon!

Aurian said...

Lol, I don't like stuff like this cluttering my kitchen. For one, it gets dusty and fat from the cooking. So if you want to use something you have to clean it first. Everything I have is spread over 3 different drawers in the kitchen. I like a big, clean workspace, especially as my kitchen is really tiny.

Anonymous said...

My kitchen crock has 3 or 4 whisks, slotted and plain serving spoons, tongs, wock spatula and chopsticks that I can think of offhand. My living room crock holds the remotes and walk about phone plus the small trash I don't want Riley to chew up.

Leann Sweeney said...

I have all that and more. And before we moved to the rent house from hell, I had TWO utensil crocks in my home. I want it all handy. No hunting around when it's time to stir, whisk, flip, ladle or spoon whatever!

Jeannie D. said...

My crock is a beautiful handmade one by an artist in New Orleans that my husband bought for me for Christmas on our trip there at Thanksgiving this year. It now has three spatula's, ice cream scoop, three Paula Deen spatula's, tongs, pasta spoon, an assortment of wooden spoons,wooden spatula, whisk, spaghetti fork for my homemade pasta. I like the idea of having two in different areas. Never thought of that!

Anne said...

I used to use a glass vase for my utensils, but I'm currently using a plastic pitcher I can't find the lid for. Mine is almost as crowded as yours.

I guess things like this, including cluttered silverware drawers are universal after you reach a certain age.

I decided on my next move I would throw out the two partial sets of measuring cups I have (and where did the missing ones go?...kind of like socks in the dryer) since I have a nice complete set. But, how many times do you need to measure the same amount and don't want to take the time to clean out the cup?

Unknown said...

I have three. Oxo came with it's own, mostly metal in the second,mostly wood in the third. Because I have been diagnosed with "Kitchenalia"' ( any Two Fat Ladies, fans here? ) I no longer attempt to suppress my desire for more kitchen tools. My one rule is I have to use them. I have two whisks, only one goes in the crock because the second one violates my second rule , I must be able to pull out an item without dislodging the rest. I have two tongs, many wooden spoons and scraper things and all that other stuff you mentioned. I recently bought a salt pig, his role is to guard all of the other things and keep them safe as my husband periodically breaks things like my mini- whisk which I will replace on my next visit to BBBeyond. One breakage = two new items, I want a small flat whisk, a la Nigells and a replacement for the broken one.

JJM said...

Four utensil crocks. One of them is an actual crock, with a black bear on it; bought it in North Carolina for my silverware. The other three are cache-pots, pottery made in Africa, of a primitive style with bands of simple designs pressed into the outside and shells dangling from lengths of raffia through holes along the top. One is for anything sharp or pointy -- knives, the kitchen shears, the pizza cutter. One is for everything else of a similar size Except that the third, the biggest, is for anything too large for the first two: large knives, wooden spoons, spatulas, potato masher, soup ladle.

I add this not so much to let you know what I have in them as to suggest another crock substitute. Really, any pottery container of the right size and shape will serve, and can be quite decorative in addition to being useful. --Mario R.

Linda in MA said...

Only one crock here but 3 utensil drawers...all have way too many items and I keep thinking I need to get rid of some t;hings but my DH and I seem to use them all! He has his favorites and I have mine. Maybe baby steps here in purging the drawers and the crock.

Kristin A. said...

Love it! I have two crocks, which is nice as everything is pretty well visible, so I don't have to hunt for what I want. A stainless steel crock holds my stainless utensils and a white ceramic one holds everything else (wooden spoons, spatulas, etc), while smaller utensils (ice cream scoop, etc) are in a drawer.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your stash, one thing I've heard, is to put all of it in a separate container and then as you use the utensils, move them back into the original crock. Doing so will show you what what you actually use (as opposed to what you think you use).

Liz Straw said...

My crock is from my grandmother. One side shows where she used to sharpen her knives on it. It is a large and tall crock. There is no way I am going to tell you how much I have in it. Although I do not have a whisk. Meant to take a couple from my mom who was complaining about having too many, but forgot. :(

Rachelle21 said...

I had everything in a drawer. But, yesterday, the drawer broke and now everything from the drawer is in a box until the drawer is fixed. I did have to replace toothpicks.

Linda McDonald said...

I have maybe about six items in mine...not many. The rest are tucked into drawers. I just have the main ones that I use out in the kitchen spatulas and wooden spoons.

Joanie said...

I knew I was a bit over the limit when I picked up my ceramic utensil caddie to move it and the bottom dropped out. Anyone else (especially my husband) would assume that would be a tip-off to whittle down the inventory. Instead, I grabbed a small metal water pitcher a friend of mine gave me that I seldom used for its true purpose. Now, however, it's the perfect caddie, with its wider bowl, yet still generous mouth (so the utensils have room to spread out and make themselves visible) plus it has a carry handle, which I didn't have before. Now when I pick it up to clean underneath, it not only stays intact, but the handle makes the whole process even easier. And I didn't have to change my "keep it handy" ways!

Adrienne said...

I'm about to go to bed and have to THANK EVERYONE for the laughs! What is it about utensil crocks that brings out the comedienne in each of you? First I saw Loraine's over-flowing crock. That was the first burst of laughter. And it just went on from there. I did learn some new uses for my crock, however. And that it's ok to have more than one, which I do. Here's my "beef": I use a lot of Oxo handled utensils and they NEVER want to slide into either of my two crocks. No crock can be big enough for them. Ahhhh..such a problem. Let's hope all our problems are no more in number than what fits into a crock!!! Thanks again, all of you :-)
Adrienne in Minnesota