Monday, January 14, 2013

Should I or Shouldn't I?

by Kate Collins

According to an article on Yahoo News, most people "waste an extraordinary amount of time obsessing about (and second-guessing) their decision making. "

Generally, I'm not one of them. I tend to make quick decisions. It isn't until afterward that I second-guess myself.

My mother wasn't good at making decisions. I remember, around the age of 12, being dragged along with her to Carson, Pirie Scott & Co when she needed an outfit for a special occasion. My dad was a policeman, and my mom a stay-at-home mother, so there wasn't much money in the budget for clothing, making a wise choice a necessity.  Still, once she had narrowed the choice down to say, three blouses, she simply couldn't decide, leaving it to me to make the final pick. Maybe that's why I make quick decisions now. I hated being kept away from the really important things in life, like lying on my bed with my bare feet against the wall, listening to the same song over and over, or talking to my best friend on the phone for hours.

I try to trust my gut when making decisions.  Last year I felt the time was right to sell my home and downsize. My big house, so necessary for a large combined family years ago, felt like a museum after my husband passed away. But once that For Sale sign was in the yard and a new "condo" style home was being built (gulp), oh boy did I second-guess my gut. For months I alternately cried and got excited as i cleaned out the house in preparation for the move.

Now that I'm all settled in, I know I did the right thing. I have wonderful new neighbors and a great new neighborhood. And the house is just right for me.

What kind of decision maker are you? Does it work for you or do you end up regretting your choice?


kissablysweet1 said...

I'm more of a gut instinct person. I follow my gut instinct with everything. If I make a wrong decision, then I deal with the fallout. I'm usually pretty accurate thought.

Lover of Books said...

I second guess alot unless it's something I really want. Lol then I make my decision and stick with it.

Unknown said...

I don't second guess because I think really well before I make my decision.

Linda McDonald said...

I'm happy that you are happy with your new home, Kate. I recall you posting about how difficult the move was going to be. So, I'm glad you are happy there. As for me, I tend to make quick decisions. I pretty much go with what I feel in my gut is the right thing for me to do. Some of the decisions are harder than other though. I once left a job and it was a tough decision but in the end I went with what my gut/inner voice was telling me and I know it was right for me. Tough, but right.