Sunday, January 6, 2013

My New Christmas Baby

by Leann

Last week I offered pictures of my granddaughters, including the new Sweeney, Meika, born to my son and daughter-in-law on November 30th. But there is a new Christmas baby at our temporary house in Greenwood.

Here's the deal. When we came home from visiting our family in the Pacific Northwest after Christmas, our first stop was at the kennel to pick Rosie the dog and Wexford the cat. It's a new kennel to us. Back in Texas, I always used a petsitter for the cats and the dog went to a kennel (where she had a great time). But since I only had one cat, I couldn't leave Wexford home for long hours between petsitter visits.

Rosie was happy and fine when we picked up the pets, but Wexford was another story. He must have lost 2 pounds and he didn't even look like he'd been grooming himself. I felt horrible! I had been looking for another kitten for a while but Wexford is so shy, I was looking for the right match. (He has ALWAYS been shy since the minute he arrived in my life. Just his nature). The kennel stay convinced me I had to get a new kitten right away. We are planning a trip to NYC in May and I cannot leave poor Wexford there again.

The shelter cats I looked at (and they're weren't many kittens thanks to Christmas, which is not a bad thing!!) were not the right fit. Too aggressive or too shy--and neither of those personality types would be a good fit. I found a woman in northern South Carolina who had ONE KITTEN left from a litter of ragdolls. Since Wexford is a ragdoll, I called and then visited. I liked what I saw. A confident and yet sweet little boy cat.

Yesterday I brought him home. I have been debating on a mystery-related name and took into consideration all the names my facebook friends have suggested. But when I had a chance to really meet him and see how he handled walking into a new home, I knew he was Marlowe--for Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe. My new baby is a cool customer with a curious mind. He has been exhausted from the travel, but I can offer one picture of my sweet new boy!

As for Wexford, he's not a happy camper right now. For the first time ever I have heard him hiss and growl. But I suspect one day soon, he will be very glad to have a new friend. I know I am!

What about you? Did you get anything extra-special for the holidays?

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