Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Book!

by Julie

Happy New Year! Happy New Book!

Readers often ask if the excitement of bringing a new book out ever gets old. I answer with an exuberant "No way!"

To this day, the first time I spot one of my new books in a store, I give a little squeak of joy. Fortunately for my family, I've learned to keep it quiet enough to prevent every head in the store from turning my way. That gets embarrassing, especially for the kids.

Fonduing Fathers, the sixth in my White House Chef mystery series, came out Monday - New Year's Eve. As of this writing, I haven't actually seen it in a store yet, but I'm hopeful to catch a copy on display soon. The publisher sent me one and I'm delighted to note that the pages all seem to be right side up and, at least as far as I can tell, nothing's amiss. I've heard horror stories from other authors (:::shudder:::).

In any case, I'm absolutely thrilled that Fonduing Fathers is now making its way into readers' hands. That's always so much fun, and yet so terrifying. I hope everyone will like it, but I worry that maybe someone won't. The fear, the excitement, it's always exhilarating. How could that ever get old?

So far, Fonduing Fathers has one early review. Have you ever visited Jenn's Bookshelves? She's great and her blog is wonderful. If you're a reader and haven't yet made your way to her site, you're in for a treat. She was kind enough to review Fonduing Fathers last week. I hope you'll take a look, here.

Thanks so much to everyone who's read the White House Chef Mysteries thus far. I'm really excited about this installment, and -- if you've been following Ollie -- I hope you particularly enjoy this story. It's different, and digs a bit deeper into her life. I won't say any more than that except to add that I hope you let me know what you think about it after you turn the final page.

Thanks!! Happy reading!
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