Thursday, January 24, 2013

Exciting and terrifying

by  Julie

Back in August I talked about how our middle daughter was moving to Texas for a teaching internship to finish her Master's Degree and how she planned to stay down there for a while after graduating. I also talked about how excited I was for her while at the same time being sad for myself.

Yesterday we dropped off our youngest at O'Hare airport. She's flying out to Europe to study abroad for the semester. This is hard. I'm really not thrilled by the idea that we won't have her back home until May. This is tough!

I am so excited that she's able to do so much, that she'll be expanding her horizons, learning about people and cultures that our different from ours. I'm thrilled for her because this is an exciting time and she's worked hard to get to this point and deserves to enjoy it.

Even though I'm happy for her, I cried like a baby at the airport.

What about you? Are you strong and stoic (I usually am, but I totally fell apart this time), or are you prone to emotion and tears?


Sarah Gunning Moser said...


A sweet post from a typical Mom having to let go of her chicks! We've had the same trouble this month with our 20 year old son, our youngest, going off to the U.K. for a wonderful study tour of London, York, and Edinburgh. He's sent back some great emails and photos along the way and we almost, almost feel like we're along for the ride.

I agree that these experiences are important for our kiddos. I told both of ours that any time they get the chance and have the money to make a trip like this to GO. Often the opportunity never comes around again.

I had two study trips to France canceled when I was in high school due to my family's two unexpected transfers clear across the country. As a young adult, another European trip was later canceled due to a failed relationship. But I'm still here and delighted that our two grown kids are enjoying the wonders of parts of the world we've only longed to see.

Your daughter will come back full of her adventures, and hopefully lots of pictures, to share with her parents.

Isn't it nice having someone to miss?

Sarah Gunning Moser
Bellevue, WA

Aurian said...

Which country is she going to?

Unknown said...

Oh, I'm a crier too. When we dropped our then nine year old at sleep away camp, ( one and one- half hours from home) I wept. But I figured if we didn't start early it would have been even harder come college time.
You've mothered your girl well and she will do fine and so will you Mom.

Barbara said...

I'm strong and stoic like my father, but on the other hand I don't have children. Put into your situation I would probably turn into a crier. I do hope both kids get the absolute most out of their experiences and come home to you safe and sound.

Julie Hyzy said...

Sarah - what a lovely message. Thank you! That's exactly it. It is wonderful to have them to worry about. As of about 3:30 this morning, I knew she was safe and I've heard from her a couple of times. So ... whew. Now the long wait until she comes home. Thank you for such a thoughtful message, Sarah!

Aurian - she'll be in two countries over the semester, Italy and the UK, but she has plans to meet her college roommate at some point and that may be in another country altogether. I'm excited for her. Terrified though, too.

Debra - Thanks College drop-offs are so tough. I can only imagine how tough it would be to take a nine year old at camp. It's just so hard to let them head out on their own, isn't it? But that's what we raised them to do, right?

Barbara - I am usually so stoic. My friends are surprised at how little I cry, but yesterday just floored me. Thanks for the good wishes!

Linda McDonald said...

I'm both...guess it depends on what it is. Kids and animals...I'm prone to emotions and tears. What an exciting opportunity for your daughter. I wish I had done the same way back then, so when I hear of students do this, I think it's great. Hang tough...she'll be back before you know with an experience behind her that she will treasure.

Laineshots said...

Oh, Julie, I'm such a crier, I got tears in my eyes reading about your little chick flying away. I was a mess when my son went 1000 miles away to live for awhile (nine months, as it turned out).

But Sarah's right. Their experiences are not just good for them, they're good for our relationships with our children, in the long run. And as easy as it is now to send photos back home, I'm sure she'll be making you feel a part of the trip.

Hugs and a few sympathetic pangs,


Adrienne said...

Happy for you everyone's safe and sound. We never stop being parents and the kids learn that when THEY become parents. Roots and wings, yes? Oh how sweet those homecomings will be. Thank goodness for cell phones! Adrienne in MN

Maggie Sefton said...

Study abroad opportunities are wonderful experiences. Daughter #2 Melissa who lives/works Manhattan did a spring semester Study Abroad in London. It as wonderful for her. Plu I got to join the parents and the kids for a fantastic 3-week European tour to complete program. Lots of memories there. :)

signlady217 said...

Lordy, I've been married 27 years and my mom STILL cries when I leave!