Thursday, January 24, 2013

Exciting and terrifying

by  Julie

Back in August I talked about how our middle daughter was moving to Texas for a teaching internship to finish her Master's Degree and how she planned to stay down there for a while after graduating. I also talked about how excited I was for her while at the same time being sad for myself.

Yesterday we dropped off our youngest at O'Hare airport. She's flying out to Europe to study abroad for the semester. This is hard. I'm really not thrilled by the idea that we won't have her back home until May. This is tough!

I am so excited that she's able to do so much, that she'll be expanding her horizons, learning about people and cultures that our different from ours. I'm thrilled for her because this is an exciting time and she's worked hard to get to this point and deserves to enjoy it.

Even though I'm happy for her, I cried like a baby at the airport.

What about you? Are you strong and stoic (I usually am, but I totally fell apart this time), or are you prone to emotion and tears?
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