Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Downton Abbey is Back!

by Maggie Sefton

At last!  Downton Abbey Season 3 is here!  For those of us die hard Downtown Abbey fans who have been anxious to see what's happening in these fascinating characters' lives, the long wait was worth it.

There they were:  star-crossed lovers Mary and Matthew---would they be able to marry at last?  Beleaguered Bates, valet to the Earl, and sweet housemaid Anna---able to marry now that evil ex wife Vera is dead, only to see honest-to-a-fault Bates be thrown in prison for her murder!  And youngest rebellious daughter Sybil who defied convention, her father's orders and wonderful Dame Maggie Smith as Grandmama, the Dowager Countess of Grantham's shock to run off with Irish chauffeur Branson.  And quiet, easy to ignore middle daughter Edith, will she find happiness?  And what about that mysterious cousin Patrick, injured in the Titanic tragedy and suffering from amnesia, and now injured in World War I.   Is he actually the missing heir?

And what about scheming ladies maid to the countess, Ms. O'Brien and former footman, wounded soldier, Thomas returned to continue plotting against our favorites?  Adorable kitchen maid Daisy and  commanding head cook, Mrs. Patmore.  Stalwart butler Carson and head housekeeper Mrs. Hughes.  Downton Abbey couldn't run without them.

So, like so many other devoted Downton Abbey fans, I was ready and waiting to "turn the page" and see what the marvelous Masterpiece Classic writer, Julian Fellowes, had in store for these fascinating characters this season.  And Sunday night's first episode did not disappoint.  :)

Have you been following Downston Abbey?  If not, is there another Masterpiece Classic series you enjoyed?
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