Monday, January 7, 2013

Comcast, Seriously?

by Kate Collins

Comcast is on my bad list. Again. They shut off my TV service while I was away after Christmas, and when I called to find out what was going on, I was told I hadn't paid my bill.

Impossible, I told the man on the other end of the line. My bills are on auto pay.

He argued that he was reading straight from my account. He went on to say that my service had been shut off since November of 2011. How could that be? I asked. I've been watching TV!

He would not believe me. Seriously.

I finally said, "Whatever. I need to get it turned back on. What do I do?"

He transferred me to someone else because he said he couldn't help me. So what had he actually accomplished? Nothing.

The next person asked me all over again what the problem was, and when I gave my name, phone number, and explained the problem, he told me my service had been shut off since August of 2011. After trying to convince him that he was wrong and finally stating that I didn't really care what he thought, he transferred me.

The third person asked what the problem was, and once again I had to give my name, phone number, and explain my situation, which was basically how to get the damn TV turned back on.  This guy couldn't understand why my service had been shut off since I had a CREDIT of $244.

He transferred me, too.

It wasn't until I hit a fifth person, a woman, that I finally struck gold. She verified that I had a credit, pushed a button, and my TV was on.

Seriously? This is how a national company is run?

I'm furious, and I hope Comcast knows it.  They suck! I wrote a rant on their Facebook page but haven't heard anything back.

Have you suffered at Comcast's hands too? Have you had any luck dealing with them?

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