Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cell phones in Europe

by Julie

One of our family members will be traveling to Europe this year and we've just started doing our homework on cell phone coverage abroad. When my husband and I went there a couple of years ago, I called my cell provider ahead of time and had no trouble with texts and calls. Because I'm not super rich, I didn't make very many calls, mind you, but I was able to and that's all I cared about. I needed to know that I could, in case of emergency, you understand.

This time, because our family member will be spending more time there than we did, it may make sense to buy a new phone as soon as she arrives. Apparently, Europeans aren't saddled with two-year contracts. They rely on pay-as-you-go telephones.

But I'm a nervous Norvis. I'm sure these phones are great for inter-continental calls, but can they be  used to call the U.S.? To call me? I'll want to have contact beyond email and Skype.

I figured I'd pose this question to all you smart people who have far more experience than I do. What do you know about European cell phone coverage?
Any insights or suggestions to offer?

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