Wednesday, January 23, 2013

But What About All My Shoes?

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

I've got this gig I mentioned way back. I'll be writing a new cozy mystery series set in the Scottish Highlands. Research time is coming up in March - flying into Dublin for a few days then on to Edinburgh and day trips into the Highlands.

My daughter tells me travel limits within the European countries is different than direct flights from the U.S. to other destinations. And they all carry on. Okay I can do that. But (she says) the flight from Ireland to Scotland is going to be dicey because the limit is 22 lb.

WHAT??!! There's a minimum weight, how cool is that.
No, she says, that's the max.
OMG! She can't be serious.

The guy with all the stuff could be my twin. I always stuff a big bag until it's 49.999 pounds (I actually weigh it to come in just under the 50 they allow). And I'm always annoyed when I'm usually charged to check it.

If I could eliminate the checked bag, I could save a bundle. For this trip downsizing is a requirement not an option.

But 22 pounds is nothing. How in the world do I become her??

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