Sunday, December 16, 2012

Words Are All I Have, Change Is All I Need

by Leann

Today is supposed to be the start of our cookie exchange, but I have decided that I will share the recipe next Sunday. In the wake of the death of those babies and teachers, it is difficult to celebrate anything. My heart is breaking. It is a physical pain. It is tears. It is helplessness. And the worst thing is, I know it will happen again.

There is a saying in sociology that "stateways can change folkways." New laws do change the culture. We discussed the documented evidence of this in a college course I took many years ago. Until we passed legislation or the Supreme Court ruled, blacks were slaves, women could not vote and crying "fire" in a crowded theater was just fine because it was "free speech." We changed those things. We made a new reality. We the people did that.

Recently I applied to get a driver's license in my new state. I had to bring my original birth certificate, my original social security card, my previous driver's license, my proof that I married and thus changed my name. I had to bring bills that proved I lived where I said I did as wells as proof of insurance. Then, they checked my driving record to make sure I didn't have any DUIs. I had to make two trips to the DMV and spent several hours in the process, not to mention all the time and effort it took to find all the documentation they demanded. My question is, if I wanted to buy a semi-automatic pistol or an assault rifle at a gun show, would they demand this of me? I think not. No, I KNOW not. Because stateways have NOT changed folkways when it comes to guns in this country.

The American people are being bullied by a constitutional distortion that can be amended if we stand together and demand that it happen. If you believe that it's your right to own an assault rifle because of a law that was put into effect when it took a very long time to simply load a weapon, then you are misguided. And I am afraid of you. And afraid for the other children who will die because we did nothing. Again.
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