Sunday, December 9, 2012

Paradise .. Or Rather, Recipes Lost

by Leann

Christmas was always cookie-baking time at my home in Texas. This year, I am living in the 1960's motel-like rent house as we wade through the many steps needed to build the house we plan to live in for the rest of our lives. There is little counter space and a fifty-year-old oven standing in the way of baking just about anything but frozen pizza. We cooked a lot of food here at Thanksgiving, so I know the problems!

But, I could do it. I am resourceful. But not resourceful enough to find the old recipes packed away in a box somewhere near where I am sitting right now. These are not recipes found on any website. They are old family recipes written out on paper or batter-spotted 3 X 5 cards. I've looked on the internet and have found a few things close to some of my favorites, but not quite right. When I find them, I have learned how important it is to type them up and save them on the internet. After all, my kids are always calling this time of year for a certain recipe they remember and love.

One of my cookie recipes went missing a long time ago. It's a brown sugar cookie with sunflower seeds that I absolutely love (no eggs--I am allergic). But it disappeared. Back then, there was a food section in the newspaper that had a column called "recipe quest." I sent in my request and sure enough, a few weeks later, my cookie recipe was printed in the newspaper. Not only that, I was given the name of the book where it was first printed. Years later, I found that very book on eBay! I now have about 5 copies of that cookie recipe as well as the book.

But today, I sit here without my recipes. Funny how the things you miss in a situation like this are NOT what you'd expect. I miss my socks--I have a whole big box of socks somewhere--and I miss my cookbooks. I may not use them much, but they are a comfort. The new house will have a special shelf for my special cookbooks even though most of the time when I cook, I bring up a recipe on my iPad.

Next week on the blog, we will start our "cookie exchange" and I thank goodness the recipe I will be sharing is in the Cozy Chicks Kitchen. I can't find my copy, but Lorraine will help!


Aurian said...

Will you buy Christmas cookies this year, or will your children send you cookies for a change?

Jeannie D. said...

Gosh I would be totally lost without my cookbook's and recipes! I am sorry you can't find yours. Moving is so unsettling anyway. I am looking forward to the cookie exchange! Happy Holidays!

Leann Sweeney said...

Thanks Aurian and Jeannie. We will be going to Seattle to visit my son, dil and the kids and staying with my sister. She's going to have to find some egg-free cookie recipes! :-)

Ellery Adams said...

Cookbooks are super personal. They're like old friends! I can't wait to see them lined up in your new kitchen!

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Moving is not fun..Im sure you will be very happy to move into your new home!

Hope you find your socks soon! =)

Leann Sweeney said...

Thanks Melissa and Ellery. I've looked for my socks so many times it's not funny. I finally had to buy some all the while knowing I will one day unpack the giant box of socks that exists somewhere.