Friday, December 7, 2012

More time in the day, please!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

For years I've been kvetching that I need another 12+ hours in the day.  And that was wayyyy before I became a member on Pinterest. Talk about a time sink ... there are so many marvelous images, in no time flat you can find you've spent several hours gazing at new pins (pictures).

I've got a LOT of great boards.  For instance:

Star Trek
Katie's Storage Unit (which won't become clear until you read One Hot Murder)
Teatime with Katie (again, clear when you read One Hot Murder)
Vintage Christmas Cards (which I've been collecting for years)
Vintage Christmas Figurines (of which I have over 200)
Cut Out Cookies (which I could eat every day of the year)
Cookbooks I Love
Cupcake Joy

Oh, what the heck, just click this link and you can see where've I've spent far too much of my time these past couple of months.

Guess what, not only am I on Pinterest but so are:
Ellery Adams
Deb Baker / Hannah Reed
Lorraine / LL Bartlett / Lorna Barrett
Julie Hyzy
Cozy Chicks
Leann Sweeney
Heather Webber / Blake

So, what do you like to pin the best?


NoraA said...

Considering I never used it before.. I pinned everything you have that is book related from the whole crew.

Now if I can just figure out what to do with it. LOL

Aurian said...

Pinterest is a time suck I really don't have or need. Now Facebook though, or Twitter. Those are evillll but fun.
But if you get new inspiration for the next books, all is considered research, right?

Anonymous said...

Aurian, one of my writing personas uses Pinterest to collect images for future stories. I collected a LOT of the images for Katie's Storage Unit while I was writing about it in One Hot Murder. Likewise Teatime with Katie, because I wanted to describe how she envisioned what she would do at some time in the future. Then ... I just didn't stop once that book was written. I've also collected images that represent what I see as Victoria Square and Stoneham, NH. They really do help when you need to write a description.

Unknown said...

Ok, I tried to join before but thought I had to join FB or Twitter first. So thanks, I am in now and love looking at knitting and interior decorating.

grammajudyb said...

I pin lots. Lately Holiday decor and recipes. The rest of the year, quilt patterns, craft ideas and of course yummy looking recipes. I too spend way too much time there.

Linda McDonald said...

I have not gotten in pininterest yet. I KNOW that once I start, I will be addicted right away. So, I've been avoiding it so far because I know it will take up a lot of my time. It looks like fun though...I'm sure I'll fall into temptation and join up someday.

Adrienne said...

Hi all. I guess I've heard of Pinterest. But, no one has ever described it to me. Would any of you like to do that? I find that email and FB take a whole lot of time so I doubt I'll jump into another place that will keep me at the computer. However, I sure am interested ESPECIALLY because all those favorite authors seem to be there. Thanks! Mystified in MN

FirstOfMay said...

I LOVE Pinterest! I actually have another tab open right now with my Pinterest account on it. I pin mostly recipes I want to try, crafts, crafts to do with my nephews, must-read books and movies, things/people that make me laugh, my style, my life, and a couple hidden boards. I spend way too much time there, too. It's very easy to do! I think I'm following the Cozy Chicks boards on there.