Thursday, December 13, 2012

Late to the party

by Julie Hyzy

First - huge thanks to Anita Joy for the pumpkin scone recipe she shared in the comments last week. I couldn't respond until today, but wow... this one sounds great. I will definitely give it a try next time I have a Queensland Blue "Pumpkin" - not squash <grin>!

Now, to today's post:

I'm way behind. Waay behind.

One of my all-time favorite TV shows is Star Trek: The Next Generation. Do you know when I started watching it? Around season 4.

My number one, all-time favorite TV show is The Dick Van Dyke Show, but I didn't start watching that until it was in reruns.

And Battlestar Galactica? Awesome series. It ran from 2004 - 2009. We watched it last year.

We're trying to keep up, though. Really. One of our current favorites is Castle. I am absolutely loving the interplay between that "ruggedly handsome" writer and Detective Beckett. The thing is, we Netflix the series, which means we're always one season behind. With Castle, I could DVR current episode (headslap... this just dawned on me last week), but with other shows we enjoy, like Dexter, for instance, that's not an option. He's on HBO, or one of those other premium channels. We don't get any of those.

Oh, and Downton Abbey? Same thing.

The thing is, we both really enjoy watching all these shows at our convenience. When we used to make time for Survivor, or Lost, we had to make sure we were at home, in front of the TV at a certain time on a certain day. Netflix has changed all that for us, and I have to say I love it. Who cares if we're a little bit behind, right? 

What about you? Do you watch TV shows as they air, do you tape/DVR them? Do you rely on Netflix? Or do you eschew television altogether?


Jackie Houchin said...

DVR them. Then when we watch, we FF through the commercials. It cuts 20 minutes off an hour show.

Katreader said...

Like you, I'm way behind..on Castle too as a matter of fact! Some shows I discovered late (Castle, True Blood)and others I can't keep up. The problem is I work evening shift-so that puts me behind. I don't have DVR, but I try to keep up with On Demand. The problem is that not all shows are on On Demand. Thus I'm 2 seasons behind on Vampire Diaries. I'm also a season behind on True Blood because I don't have HBO and have to wait til the season's released on DVD. I just got the latest Castle on DVD-but the fist disc wont play. AUGHHHH!

Anonymous said...

I DVR my shows and try to keep up with them pretty regularly. I have, just recently, found the Video On Demand portion of Amazon Prime. Some shows that I would have to buy the seasons for are on there for free as a Prime member.

Laura said...

We do both, some we watch each week if convenient and some we DVR weekly to watch when we have time. A few shows I like that hubby doesn't so I DVR those and watch during daytime when he is at work. Also DVR many of the kids programs for grandkids as ones in NC do not have cable so don't see any of the Disney shows. Definitely happy we have the DVR option as well as Netflix!

Unknown said...

We love Turner Classsic Movies but many of the great-sounding old ones seem to be on at 2:30 in the morning, so I dvr them
I recently fell for William and Mary, a quirky British series about a midwife and an undertaker, single parents who meet via an Internet dating site. Martin Clunes from Doc Martin fame. It is on a PBS channel.

Jeannie D. said...

We do DVR, and Redbox. I loved the revival shows of Dark Shadows, when the movie came out with Johnny Depp the Sci-fi channel did a marathon of the old ones and the revival show. I DVR'd them all. Now I can watch them all when I want.

Julie Hyzy said...

Ooh, I'm getting some great ideas for new shows to watch. And I'm seriously lacking when it comes to remembering that we have the DVR. Time to put that device to work!

Melissas Eclectic Bookshelf said...

We DVR our shows and watch them later in the commercials that way as we can fast forward. We only watch network shows though as we don't have HBO etc. Probably a blessing as we watch too many (incl Castle) already!

ladyvyvian said...

I'm so old school I still have 2 VCR's that I record shows on. I would love to have a DVR but cannot afford the extra cost. I am usually at home in the evenings but record any shows that are opposing each other. I do not watch any of the HOB or Showtime series because I cannot afford the premium channels. I have tried watching on my computer but find it very uncomfortable as I have a desktop, not a laptop.

JJM said...

Netflix the DVDs. Don't have a DVR, and use the VHS machine as a channel changer. (Yes, I still have an analogue tv.) No upper-tier cable, either. Back when I still used the VHS for taping shows, I discovered I'd end up spending almost the entire weekend catching up on the week's shows ... and grew to resent the loss of time. No more.

Some shows, however, are available for free on Hulu, or on Amazon (lowish cost, but free if you have their "Prime" membership) -- it's on Amazon that I'm catching up on Dr Who. As for Battlestar Galactica ... I still remember the 1978/79 version, never saw the 2004-2009 one. I also love the original series of V, as preposterous as it sometimes got towards the end; never saw the remake.--Mario R.

Dru said...

I DVR most of my shows even if I start out watching them.

We like the same TV show...Dick Van Dyke Show is my all time favorite TV show.

I use Netflix (I pay for the streaming only) for my horror movies viewing.

Adrienne said...

I love our DVR! I'm a bit of a news junky so can record my Friday night MN news shows, Washington Week, Sunday Morning with Chas Osgood and catch them the next day while in my quilt room. I am also a Downton Abby fan and you all know how useful a DVR is when it comes to those marvelous Masterpiece programs: Sherlock, Upstairs-Downstairs, Zen, Downton Abby, Call the Midwife. Ahhhh. What I'm noticing from above comments is the quality tv that you all like to record. Enjoy! Adrienne in MN

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
I'm a day late and dollar short, as usual. Got your announcement on your new book. I'll be running out to but as soon as it is released. Congratulations. I just love that series. I know books are like children and you shouldn't have favorites, but Ollie is my favorite.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Karen In Cary, NC