Monday, December 10, 2012


by Kate Collins

It's not that I don't want to -- I have a cup of hot tea steaming away at my side -- it's that I can't because it hurts too much.

This isn't the raw throat that accompanies a cold, that horrible burning feeling. This is a severe pain in my left tonsil area that radiates into my left ear every time I swallow. It doesn't hurt otherwise, but try NOT to swallow.

I've been taking Advil every 4 hours to keep the pain dulled, but it sure hasn't subsided. I gargled with vinegar and with salt water, and I tried dripping hydrogen peroxide into my left ear (yes, that's a remedy.) But it hasn't remedied this throat pain that came on yesterday morning and grew worse all day.

Frankly, it's making me cranky. I miss my tea breaks. I should be working on my next synopsis and instead, all I feel like doing is sacking out on the sofa and being miserable (although I have been enjoying a Cosby Show marathon. I'd forgotten how funny that show is.)

Does anyone have any idea what's going on in my throat, or even better, a way to stop the pain, short of lancing my own tonsil? Trust me, I'm tempted. And yes, if it's no better tomorrow, I'll call my doctor.  In the meantime, any tips would be appreciated.

I'll drink to that -- once my throat heals.
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