Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holidays Far From Home

by Maggie Sefton

Holiday Goodies.  Yum!  I always make some of our family's favorite recipes to give as gifts during the holiday season.  An old favorite recipe---Gingersnap Cookies---I'll post on the Cozy Chicks Blog for our Holiday Cookie Exchange week starting December 16th.  This past weekend, however, I started making another family favorite---my Chocolate Mint Fudge.  Both the Gingersnap cookie recipe and the Fudge recipe are in the back of the 6th book in the Kelly Flynn Mystery series, FLEECE NAVIDAD.  And----both recipes are also included in the Cozy Chicks Kitchen cookbook, available in trade paperback and in Ebook version, all formats.  

I've already made several batches of my fudge and tonight will make another two pans before heading to bed.  And I won't be finished with fudge-making this year until after this weekend.  I'm making eight extra pans of fudge this season---yes, you read that right, eight (8) extra pans.  Why so many extra?  Because this year I'm sending all those extra pans to my daughter Maria who is presently assigned to Afghanistan for the next six months.  She's in the midst of a great deal of  nonstop activity and lots and lots of military personnel.  She falls to sleep exhausted every night.  Very cold, but they layer up, and she says the Hindu Kush mountains are beautiful covered in snow.  

So-----as a Mom, I'm doing what every Mom does.  I worry, I pray that she and the others stay safe, and I send memories and good things from Home---like Maggie's Chocolate Mint Fudge.  Lots of fudge---along with lots and lots of Love.
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