Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Birthdays Galore!

by Hannah Reed/Deb Baker

Can we say, 'stressed'? Not only do we have all these holidays, but the birthdays!
  • December 7th - my oldest son
  • December 15th - my mom turns 80
  • December 17th - my husbands birthday exactly one week before the biggie - Christmas
Not to mention those who have passed in recent years but are front and center in our thoughts:
  • December 3rd - my husband's dad
  • December 9th - my dad
Every year I go out of my way to make each of these special days...well...special. That means:

  1. No cake decorated with a holiday theme
  2. I don't serve leftover turkey pulled from the freezer
  3. Tempting as it may be, I avoid combo gifts (you know, that one gift for both occasions)
  4. Presents don't go into stockings or under the tree, and they certainly aren't wrapped in Santa paper
  5. I ignore the fact that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have wiped out my budget and treat the birthday boy or girl as though I've financially recovered from those two crazy days.
Everybody deserves to feel loved and cherished on that one day each year when we celebrate their arrival into the world and into our lives. Don't short-change them.

BTW, one of my babies entered the world on December 4th.

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