Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Carols and Concerts of the Season

by Maggie Sefton

I looked for photos of carolers and didn't see anything I liked, so I've included the cover photos of FLEECE NAVIDAD because it's a Christmas theme and our Cozy Chicks Kitchen Cookbook because it's chock full of yummy recipes for the holidays.  :)  

Last Saturday evening I got to attend one of my favorite early holiday events---the University Holiday Concert with all the Colorado State University choral groups plus the Symphony Band, Wind Ensemble, & Jazz Band.  What a treat to sit back and enjoy all the familiar Christmas carols plus other holiday music we've grown fond of hearing over the years.

Music is so important to me.  I started singing with church choirs when I was only eight years old.  I loved it!  And I continued to sing not only in church choirs but also in school choral groups, starting in junior high and continuing all the way into college & university choral groups.  I took a short break early in marriage when I started having children, but I soon returned to my lifelong love of  singing by auditioning and singing with choral groups in Northern Virginia, Indiana, and Colorado.  I even studied Voice in university and as an adult and performed solo and in duets and small groups over the years.

During all those years, my favorite concerts were in December which included Christmas music---everything from the familiar carols to classical compositions.   And for every holiday season, I always pull out our family's favorite CDs and listen to them while I'm stirring the fudge pot or making gingersnaps or other holiday goodies.

Update:  I'm almost finished with fudge-making---yes, I've steadily been making batches (2 pans/batch) of fudge for over a week now---but I've only got one more batch to go.  I've mailed all eight pans to my daughter Maria in Afghanistan to share with the troops.  

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