Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Vegans Are Coming!

by Leann

First of all, to those who have served, happy Veteran's Day. You have done this nation proud. Now, on to the topic for today! Vegans!

My side of the family suffers from food allergies and the problem has spanned four generations. My grandmother had problems with shellfish, my mother never would admit it, but her problem was chocolate, mine are too numerous to even mention and my children both have milk allergies along with several others, also too numerous to name. I seem to be getting worse as I age and my list keeps getting longer. I am happy to say, it seems my granddaughters are okay--so far.

My daughter and son-in-law decided last year to switch to vegetarian fare. Living in NYC affords lots of options plus they bought a condo and were able to put in enough counter space to do more cooking. But now, they are switching to vegan. My daughter, who has had a milk allergy all her life that she kind of denied, has now realized she feels much much better without dairy. So, have you ever had a vegan Thanksgiving?

In this little rent house with zero counter space, whipping up anything that doesn't go in a Crock-pot is a challenge. Fortunately, we have wonderful friends with a big kitchen. More good news? The vegans will be cooking! I've already heard about risotto and pumpkin and other things they plan to cook that sound exotic to me. But yummy. I figure I'm never too old to learn new ways. And others doing the cooking? Well, after many many years of putting on an enormous spread with everyone's favorite sides and a turkey that could feed a third world country, I'm happy with that. And who knows? Maybe vegan would be a good choice for me and my food allergies, too.

What about you? Any food problems? Is Thanksgiving a good time to try something new? I, for one, am looking forward to it.
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