Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Holiday Good-byes

by Leann

Thanksgiving is over but we were lucky enough to have my daughter and son-in-law come down to South Carolina from NYC. As I wrote in an earlier blog , they are now vegan and I have multiple food allergies. Since we were eating at our friends' house (because we are in the ugly, small rent house), we had to prepare a number of dishes that would suit all of this. I called it the Vegan-Southern-Yankee Fusion dinner. Needless to say, we had A LOT of food. So much food, in fact, that we decided to count the different dishes. Final tally? 23! Cauliflower salad with pomegranate, risotto with butternut squash, fried turkey, natural turkey breast (for me), corn stuffing, bread stuffing ... I cannot give you the entire list but must mention the egg-free pumpkin pie and the vegan pumpkin pie (made with cashews and maple syrup). Both were de-lish--though cashews are not on my edible list, so I'm just going by word of mouth.


That list doesn't include the tasting of the Crown Royal Maple Finish whiskey or the Samuel Adams Winter Variety pack. I don't drink, but the consensus was that the Crown Royal was wonderful. Unfortunately, the migraine I had the next day (from too much stress and probably the rye bread in the stuffing) was a real killer. I may have to go vegan myself because I have a chicken and egg allergy that may have crossed over to turkey. But I'd have to do it without all the nuts my daughter used in cooking. My tree nut allergy is not a good thing to have if you're vegan, I've learned.

It was a great time with "the kids," even though my Trivial Pursuit game is packed away somewhere. We watched a lot of football, saw Life of Pi and just talked a lot. Nice. But then came the good-bye. We won't see them for Christmas. In fact, I don't know when we'll see them again. It's hard being in a new place, stuck, for now, in an awful house and then getting a little loving visit that ended all too soon. Not to say I wasn't thrilled they came and will treasure the memory. But the tears came quickly with the good-bye hugs. I hope all of you had people you could hold close and be thankful for, if only for a few seconds. Now I am on to full baby watch. The new granddaughter will be arriving sometime in the next week! I will be on to hellos then. :-)


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