Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving---Old & New

by Maggie Sefton

This week, Tuesday, I'm flying back to Northern Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with my daughter Melissa and my dear friends from childhood, Diane & Nancy, and their families and some of their friends.  A different gathering than usual.  But this year, my family is scattered all over for the holiday.  My oldest daughter Christine and family will be in Pennsylvania with friends, daughter Serena will be staying in Texas, and daughter Maria is out of the country.  So daughter Melissa will travel from Manhattan to join me and our "extended" family Diane & Nancy and families to celebrate this favorite holiday with our favorite foods.

There will be turkey with all the trimmings, I'm sure.  Plus, new dishes.  Diane & husband Les will handle the turkey and stuffing, and we---the guests---will handle everything else.  :).  It sounds like fun.  I LOVE trying new holiday foods, so I'm guaranteed a good time.  Plus, Diane has asked Melissa and me to make all the pies.  Yay!  I love pies.  They're my favorite dessert.  Honest.

What pies will I start with?  My favorite Southern Pecan pie----which I "gave" to character Pete in my Kelly Flynn Mysteries  as Pete's Pecan Pie.  It's super rich and super deadly.  But. . .Thanksgiving is not the time to think about calories.  It's a time for Feasting with Family and Friends!

Where are you spending the holiday?  Inviting more family & friends?  Or taking some time for yourself?
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