Monday, November 19, 2012

Old house, new house, or in limbo?

by Kate Collins

Definitely in limbo. My old house is now half empty, filled only with the rooms of furniture that will not fit in my new, more compact house. My new house has my familiar stuff in it -- family room, bedroom, kitchen and laundry stuff -- but it feels like someone else's house with my belongings stuffed into it. I sleep in my familiar bed but the walls have moved in a whole lot closer and the new house smell is awfully strong. Oh, and that train that I used to hear in the distance in the old house? It's very close now and the whistle in the night is driving me crazy.

I like my new house, but it doesn't feel like home. I can't find anything in the cabinets. I can't find anything in my clothes closet. I can't find anything in my office. I'm frustrated and want to go home!

But where is home?

I'm thinking my car is looking quite appealing.

Do you have any suggestions for how to feel more comfortable in a new place?

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