Saturday, November 3, 2012

Isn’t It Strange?

I’m sure I’m not the only one glued to the TV this week, watching the news on Sandy. The news, of course, has gone from bad to worse, and I have a sinking feeling the worst is yet to come as the full extent of the damage and loss has yet to be determined.

It just breaks my heart seeing the devastation, hearing the reports, and knowing I have good friends in the midst of it all (they’re safe, thankfully!).

One thing that has really struck me is how strange it feels...being normal. Acting normally. Here in the Midwest, nothing has changed for me, not really. Which is a blessing, for sure, but I’m left with this overwhelming sense of helplessness. And of feeling guilty, too, when I have so much and there are so many who have lost everything.

Even though I’m not there physically, there are things I can do. Send not only prayers and good thoughts but also notes of support. And donate to help those in need. I imagine every little bit helps in situations like this. And I’m really hoping that one day soon everyone affected by this hurricane will start to feel normal soon...

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