Sunday, November 18, 2012

How Did I Know?

by Leann

There are times in a writer's career when imagination helps out a tad more than it ordinarily does. When I was writing the Yellow Rose mysteries, I had a landscape--the city of Houston--to guide me and literally and figuratively ground me. I knew my starting point. But the Cats in Trouble series was a new challenge. I created a town--and I found it rather difficult.

When it came to creating the Ed's Swap Shop, however, I had no problem. I imagined this old small house off the main street, each room cluttered with treasures and junk. Creating Ed's setting made it easier to create Ed. I do love that old guy. When I first started writing the cat series, I still lived in Houston. I had only been to South Carolina once or twice and never to the area where my imaginary town sat.

Imagine my surprise when I finally found a new person to cut and color my hair in my new South Carolina town and the salon was--you guessed it--in an old house off the main street. I asked questions and learned the place was bought at auction on the steps of city hall for back taxes. It was a mess, infested with termites and needed a lot of love and elbow grease to bring it back to life. But Colors by Design did a fantastic job.

Though Ed's shop is cluttered, I imagine the same wood floors, the same old fireplaces and the same warmth exists in his place of business as in this wonderful salon. Who knew I would learn that my imagination had led me in the right direction? That a similar place existed? And that of all the places to get my hair cut, this would be the place I chose? Amazing. Have you ever had anything similar happen?

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Lover of Books said...

I love the Irish Cottage we have at the MN Renaissance Festival. While walking around Belfast, Northern Ireland, some friends and I came across an abandoned Irish Cottage, we couldn't go in too far but I truly felt like I was stepping back in time.