Sunday, October 7, 2012

You Are Now Free to ... Get Sick

by Leann

It happens EVERY TIME. Friday, I turned in my manuscript for the next Cats in Trouble installment, The Cat, The Mill and The Murder--coming May 2013 to bookstores everywhere (commercial over). First comes the burst of energy, the exhilaration from knowing I can still write a book. (This will be my 10th published book!) I am now free to do such wonderful tasks as sweeping the floor, doing the dishes, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, organizing drawers for the next season, and even going out to dinner with friends. I did all those things Friday.

But in between that rush of activity, I had a little cry. Letting go of a book I have worked so hard on does bring on a bit of grief. This one was written in between packing, moving and relocating to a place I've never lived. I still only know where three stores are in my new town. (And haven't found someone to cut and color my hair. That's a serious problem!) This book, like every book, provided unique challenges. It's also my most researched book in a while and made me learn much more about South Carolina. I am happy about that.

Then came the dreaded next post-manuscript event. I woke up Saturday with the sore throat, the runny nose, the BLAHS! Happens every time I finish a book. It's as if my brain will not allow the rest of me to break down until I am done. And boy, do I feel exhausted. Since I have chronic fatigue syndrome, this could just be what is called "post-exertion fatigue. My throat is usually always red, so let's hope by the time you are reading this, I am feeling better. After all--I NEED A HAIR CUT!!

What about you? When you've worked hard for weeks or months on something what happens to your body? And do you get as cranky as I do? :-)
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