Sunday, October 28, 2012

Taylor Swift-er

by Leann

I didn't want to like Taylor Swift. What was all the hype? I remember thinking several years ago when she started winning every award she was nominated for. But when she started making appearances on The Ellen Show, darn it all, I started warming up to her.

This week, with the release of her new album, Red, she was on every daytime talk show and even on a night time "news magazine." Since I just turned in a manuscript and was down with a stomach virus, I think I caught every talk show on TV this past week. There she was, everywhere I looked. (Except on Maury. THANK GOODNESS! No DNA test required.) What I found fascinating is that many times, when celebrities are doing press junkets, they sound the same during every interview. Not so with this girl. She had something new to add to the story with each appearance.

By the time I'd seen her for the last time on Friday, I wanted to make her my daughter. Just kidnap the cute thing and invite her to Thanksgiving dinner with the family. She's sweet, she's warm, she's lovely and she is one smart cookie. Great sense of humor, great humility and far more talented than I ever gave her credit for. Maybe "We Will Never, Ever, Ever Get Back Together," isn't an original idea for a song but it's FUNNY. Maybe "Red," her cover title, is a tad derivative (Um, remember "Yellow" from Coldplay?) but it will still sell well and she put her Taylor stamp on it.

What is an old lady like me doing listening to songs intended for the teen market? I don't know. I love music, love creativity and love when people can be genuine. Simple as that. But gosh, maybe it's also because she had me when she said, "I love crime shows." Oh. And she has a cat.Yup. I like you Taylor, bless your heart.

What about you? Any unusual or secret "likes" when it comes to music?
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