Wednesday, October 24, 2012

St. Joseph To The Rescue

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

Mr. and I have decided to sell the home we’ve enjoyed for the last 20+ years, the place where we raised our kids. It’s too large for just the two of us, and really, it deserves another family torpedoing down the halls and writing on the walls:)

Only the housing market has bottomed out. Everybody is holding tight, worried about the economy and their futures.

That means it’s time to bring out the big gun – St. Joseph!  And appeal to him for help!

Before we moved here, when we had to sell our starter home, I drove across town to a Catholic gift store for a statue. Back home, I asked Mr. to bury it properly – upside down, facing the house. A week later, we still hadn’t had any house action.

“Where exactly did you bury the statue?” I wanted to know.


Not a reassuring response. “Where?”

“Er…Um…I tossed it in the window well.”

“WHAT?” After correcting the situation myself, our home sold in just a few days.

This time I’m not leaving the job to an amateur. I’ve ordered the statue, directions, and prayer card from Amazon, and as soon as it comes, I’ll bury St. Joseph just right, in the perfect spot.

I better go house hunting!
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