Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sleuths & Wheels

by Hannah Reed/Deb Baker

Transportation is important in small town settings; it's the only way to get around. No taxis, buses, trains. So my characters really appreciate their vehicles.

Here are a few favorites from the Queen Bee series:

Grams drives a Cadillac Fleetwood, which is a lot of car for such a tiny woman, but she needs the extra armor now that her driving ability isn’t what it used to be.  She's clipped the police chief's vehicle more than once. Thankfully, she hasn't been caught yet.

Hunter Wallace, Story’s high school sweetheart and grownup main man, tools around on a Harley, apropos since Harley and Hunter are both from Wisconsin. Don't you just love a man in leather?

Amateur sleuth, Story Fischer, drives a vintage blue pickup truck, which comes in handy when she needs to transport beehives or load up the back with local apples for her grocery store, The Wild Clover.

Yes, wheels are important in mysteries, whether they hold dead bodies in the trunks or provide the means for some serious bad guy chasing.

What other protagonists value their rides? And no one better say  Stephanie Plum, cuz she trashes every single one she drives:)



signlady217 said...

Didn't Carmela Bertrand (Laura Childs' Scrapbook Mysteries) get a convertible from her ex? And who can forget Nancy Drew's blue convertible?

Aurian said...

The flower shop mysteries by Kate, she owns an antique yellow convertible...
Hannah Swensen drives a white cookie van.

Brittney said...

We can't forget Kelly Flynn and her little red sports car!

JJM said...

The Saint's Hirondel. I don't care if it's a fictional make. :)

--Mario R.