Thursday, October 18, 2012

Presidential fun

by Julie

You know what's as much fun as writing the White House Chef Mystery series? Collecting White House goodies! I've picked up a few knick-knacks and souvenirs over my many trips to Washington, D.C. and I have a sizable (huge!) library of White House-based books, movies, cookbooks, and other paraphernalia.

My favorite White House items, however, are those that have been given to me by good friends. Some have arrived by mail, some have been presented in person and I am so incredibly lucky to have such thoughtful people in my life. Before I received my first Secret Service medallion (see the group, pictured), I didn't even know such things were out there for "regular people" to acquire. Wow. You may not be able to make out the little crab at the far right, bottom. That was a Secret Service pin from the Baltimore, Maryland field office. Did an agent actually ever use it? No way to tell, but I love it just the same.

The plates are reproductions of presidential china. They're smaller than actual dinner plates may be, produced by The Danbury Mint. I received twelve as a very thoughtful gift. Now I'm hooked and on the lookout for more.

I don't know what drives people to collect but I am having a wonderful time building my collection. As I said, I've picked up quite a bit on my own, and I'm thrilled with my finds. But I cherish every gift I've received that adds to my stash and thought it would be fun to share a couple of photos with you today.

These two pictures represent only a small portion of the White House goodies I have here.

What do you collect? How did you get started?
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