Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New TV Season

by Maggie Sefton

The new Fall TV season started while I was away in Washington, DC and was busy meeting readers almost every night the last two weeks in September.  Consequently, I missed the beginning episodes of some of the newest TV series offered this season.  So, if you've seen any of these that I've missed, jump in and let me know what happened in the opening episodes.  New shows debuting this season that have caught my eye:

ARROW---This is a fascinating concept---the time period is definitely a contemporary time period, but with some changes in the worlds the hero or heroine occupies.  Apparently the hero was lost on some isolated island somewhere and finally discovered.  Again, I missed the first episode, so jump in there if I have it wrong.  What fascinated me, however, is the hero's worldview has changed during his sojourn away and he's come back as a vindicator of sorts.  And his weapons of choice are high-tech arrows, capable of penetrating walls, metal, etc.  Obviously, willing suspension of disbelief is required here.  I'll give it a few episodes and see what happens.  

REVOLUTION---This is a sci-fi type "us vs. them" action show.  Should be interesting to see what happens.  Again, I missed the beginning.

Returning TV programs & continuing series:

My favorite returning drama---REVENGE---is back and the action has shifted into a higher gear.  More characters from the past---but new to the series viewers---are appearing, and new plotlines opening up.  More conflicts, new relationships, new opportunities for betrayal and----revenge.  Excellent.  Actors are perfect in their roles. 

PERSON OF INTEREST---This show also has racheted up the tension and the action.  A wonderful villain---female mastermind and villain supreme---is there and intent to do harm to Finch and Rhys.  And yet, they still attempt to save the lives of persons whom the "computer" has shown are at risk of death.  This is an ensemble cast and they work beautifully with each other.  A thinking show as well as action.  Excellent villains.  So the conflicts are challenges.

FRINGE----Not only has this fifth year of the series ramped up the action, it's also turned its world on its ear.  It opened 21 years in the future when the world is ruled by The Observers.  The stalwart crew of Walter, Peter, Olivia, and Astrid have been sealed in amber for 21 years and are finally liberated by new cast members who will guide them through a world where they are mastered by no-longer benevolent Observers.  

NIKITA---The 3rd season debut was last week, and the first episode showed the changes that Division has undergone.  Nikita and the CIA guy are in charge, and they're having to round up the "Dirty Thirty," the 30 rogue agents that went AWOL when the power had shifted to Nikita and others working to oust Evil Percy, the former head.  Nonstop action like always.  And another ensemble cast that works beautifully together.  Lots of sharp fast humor as well.

BLUE BLOODS---I haven't checked on this new season yet.

Have any of you been watching the new & old programs?  What do you think?  
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