Monday, October 8, 2012

Mascara Wars: Truth in Advertising?

by Kate Collins

Well, I’m disappointed. Always looking for a “new and improved” formula, I just tried Maybelline’s brand new line of mascara called Mega Plush. From the packaging, I expected to see a plush mint green brush on the wand. From the commercial hype, I expected full, fluffy lashes. First of all, there was no mint green brush, and frankly, the formula looked no different on my eyelashes than their traditional Great Lash, which I think is a solid product.

I had been all pumped to try the new MAC line called False Lashes, but Amazon (or one of its dealers) was out of it.  Seriously? Amazon? I felt so let down!  And then I stepped back for a reality check. It’s just mascara! And costly mascara, at that. How much different will it actually make my lashes look? And who is going to care? When was the last time you really noticed someone’s eyelashes being different from one day to the next? (Hey, are you wearing a NEW mascara?) I’ll bet it doesn’t happen often.

In my opinion, the trickiest makeup to buy is lipstick. I can’t tell you how many tubes I’ve tossed out because the color looked fine at the store (in their awful florescent lighting – go figure!) and looked like something the bride of Frankenstein would wear once I got it home. Or it was so dry, it made my lips look like the floor of the Sahara desert. Or the gloss was so gooey my lips stuck together, making a kind of mmupp noise when I pulled them apart. I know. Check reviews.

Have you had similar luck with advertising hype? Ever find the perfect mascara? We makeup junkies are dying to know.

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