Sunday, October 14, 2012

If Only My Stuff Could Only Talk!

by Leann

When I packed for the move to Texas, I marked every box clearly, often the writing on top looking more like a grocery list than a label. I wanted to be sure I knew where everything was and what room it belonged in. If it went to storage, it had a big "S" on it. If it was to go to the rental house, it was marked with an "R." What could go wrong?

How about everything? Not all the "R's" ended up in the rent house. And though I tried my best to stand at the front door of the house and read what I'd written on the boxes as our friends brought them in, apparently I needed a speed-reading course. Major. Fail. Boxes stacked on boxes are difficult to read. I soon realized I should have made my content lists on the SIDES of the boxes.

We moved in the heat of summer, so did I think to set aside a few pair of socks? Of course not. I have a nice large box full of socks. SOMEWHERE. I also have a very important box of winter shirts--my favorite Henleys, my sweatshirts, again SOMEWHERE. Can. Not. Find. The latest item I am missing? My Kindle. That one is a mystery because I brought it with me in the car, even used it when I was staying with our friends. Only when I downloaded a title for researching the book that I just turned in did I realize that it's missing.

I want someone to invent a GPS something that will help me find my Kindle, my socks and the next thing I cannot find in this house full of boxes. And it's only been made worse by the fact that we are going from 3 storage units to 2. My husband is clearing one out and piling even more boxes on top of boxes here. (They didn't have any of the large units and that's why we ended up having to rent 3. We moved from a house that was twice the size of this little gem we are in now.)

Big sigh. The only good thing is that it will be like Christmas when we finally move into our permanent home. But of all the things I've lost in this move, I miss my mind the most. :-)

This ever happen to you?
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