Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Escaped in the Nick Of Time

by Maggie Sefton

Whew!  I made it out of White Plains, New York Sunday evening by the skin of my teeth.  Believe me, I was sitting in Westchester County airport all of Sunday afternoon watching the trees in the distance through the airport windows, afraid that I'd see the treetops begin to sway with the wind that was due to arrive on the edge of Hurricane Sandy.  I wasn't alone in my anxiety, either.  Other novelists who had attended the amazingly information-filled Novelists Inc conference at the White Plains Crowne Plaza were also on the edges of their seats.  So were several businessmen and vacationing families.

We'd all heard from pilots we encountered in the hotel and shuttles to the airport that our 5:00pm flights out to Chicago and elsewhere "should be all right.". Then they all added that later that after that flight, there would be cancellations galore.  We grabbed what encouragement from those few words, but we still watched the trees in the distance, afraid we'd see hurricane winds

Our weather prayers must have been answered because the wind stayed calm and our smaller jet showed up on time and we were loaded on board swiftly and airborne in a matter of minutes.  Whew!  There were a few minutes of bumpiness, then smooth flying to Chicago in the midst of the calm Midwest.  Of course, my flight to Colorado was delayed, but I was no longer in the path of the storm, so that wasn't a big deal.

Have you ever had to escape bad weather while traveling?


Aurian said...

I am glad you are home safe Maggie, I have been watching CNN to find out more about Sandy, while safe here in Holland.
Once I was travelling by train in a storm, and the train before mine was hit by lightning. The passengers could not get out, and it was stranged. So my train could not go on, and we were put on busses, to the next trainstation where we had to wait for a new train. It took me many extra hours to get home, what would usually take 2 hours tops.

Linda McDonald said...

Glad you made it home Maggie. I feel sorry for all the strandad travelers. Sandy superstorm is causing such devastation. It's sad watching the coverage. As for flights and bad weather, I've been luck in that I have yet had to escape bad weather.

Anne said...

I didn't escape it, we flew through it. When I was 17 I flew to Argentina. We flew through a thunderstorm with turbulence galore. People were praying, vomiting, etc. No wonder I'm afraid to fly.

ladyvyvian said...

I have done very little traveling so I haven't had that experience. However, I live on the Gulf Coast so have lived through several hurricanes. I have only left home once for Rita. We were gone from home for 10 days but luckily suffered little damage to our home. We rode out Ike, which did such damage to Galveston. Had to have our roof replaced after that one. I have such sympathy for all the people who have just gone thru this storm.

Maggie Sefton said...

Aurian---Hit by lightning---that sounds scary. I hope no one was electrocuted.

Linda---I think it simply comes down to numbers: the more often you fly, the more often you're rolling the dice. Just a matter of time before your number comes up. :)

Maggie Sefton said...

Anne----Now, that's a scary story. No wonder you don't like to fly.

Ladyvyvian---Oh my goodness! You really are a Storm survivor. You've survived hurricanes twice. Actually more, but Rita & Ike zwere BIG ones. Congratulations to you! Take care of yourself.