Friday, October 12, 2012

But it'll be MUCH prettier

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

We're having our house painted.  YAY!

Our lives are in upheaval.  Not so yay!

First of all ... we talked about it ALL summer, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that we (which means Mr. L) called for estimates.  Then we had to decide who would get the job.  Then we had to decide what color to paint it. We could have painted the house the same color, but we've been here 19 years and dung brown just wasn't cutting it anymore.  Although it was different from 90% of the other houses on the street.

Have you ever noticed that most houses are painted white, beige or gray?  (And especially in new housing tracts.)  Well take a look.  There's nothing wrong with these colors, but when 99% of the homes are painted those colors its ... well, rather boring.

We went for sage green.  I'm still not clear what the trim color will be ... light brown or cream.  And we're going to paint our front door some shade of bright yellow-orange.  (And if that doesn't look good ... maybe a shade of red we saw on another sage green house.) 

So far the weather has not cooperated.  Yesterday they painted about 45% of the house -- and I'm sure glad it covered up the BLUE primer they put on the rough spots.  At least it's green from the street, but the back and south side of the house are covered in primer and it looks horrible.  It might rain today.  If it doesn't, it might be too cold to paint. 

And did I mention that our garage is now a warehouse for the stuff the painters need?  We're talking half a double garage full of someone else's stuff.

I'll be glad when the job is over and when we drive up to our house it looks fresh and nice and inviting.  In the meantime, it's been a rocky ride.

What's rocking your world today?


Dru said...

Hope the weather cooperates with you. Do the painters work on the weekend?

Not much rocking my world today, but I could use some extra sleep.

Julie Hyzy said...

There are a couple of sage green homes out this way. I notice them every time I pass because they're so beautiful. One has trim that's the color of redwood. Also a little white/cream. Gorgeous! Will you post pictures when it's done?

Linda McDonald said...

I hope the weather works out and the job gets done soon! I think sage green is a nice color. And yes, most houses are all the same few colors. We have a purple house in the neighborhood. I walk by dog by it twice a day. It was painted purple a couple of years ago and at first I thought it was very odd looking. By now, it gives me a smile as we walk by it. It seems like a happy house.

Debra said...

I love the sage color. It is fresh looking.
Better to have the outside painted than the inside. We did that and I had to threaten the painter to get him to start ( he said he didn't feel good). And he wanted constant praise as the job continued.

Aurian said...

Sage green looks nice, but with orange? Never seen that combination. My house is dark blue with creme in the front, and dark green with creme in the back. Old Dutch colors, and I like it.