Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tomboys? How About Well Rounded Humans?

by Leann

I have two granddaughters and come December I will have three. That's exciting enough. I did worry a little about how my son felt about a third girl since he loves soccer, fishing, golf and watching almost anything sports' related. But he said he adores his girls so much, one more is just that much more love in his life. His girls are young, but already they are obsessed with princesses. Isn't every little girl these days? I must say, the youngest one is fearless and loves to climb up and over and on top of anything. Could she have athletic tendencies? Perhaps.

Saturday must have been "Daddy's Day With the Kids" because I received great pictures from my son. He's not about to let it all be about princesses and ballet. I was a little surprised, though. We didn't start our son in soccer until he was about five, but it seems that to my son, the earlier the better. And the soccer lesson in the picture above for the oldest (she'll be five in a few weeks) is far more organized than anything I remember. A herd of little boys chasing a ball in a muddy field is what I remember.

But even the two-year-old is involved. She was at "Soccer Saturday" too. That one needs to use up extra energy and I'm sure her parents are hoping she LOVES soccer. :-) Hmm ...I wonder who stacked those cones so perfectly?

There was more to Daddy Saturday, though. The last picture that came to me wasn't an image of princesses who'd gotten into Mommy's make-up. Nope. If they were gonna play with Daddy, they needed to love what he loves--and has since the invention of "underoos." Remember them? Little boy underpants with their favorite superheroes on them? That's how my son played dress-up--with his underoos and a cape. But I like what my sweet little granddaughters got caught up in today. Aren't these well-rounded girls precious?
Do you have any little well rounded humans in your life? And are they as cute as these two?

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