Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Old Friends, Now Golden

by Maggie Sefton

Ever since Labor Day, I've been visiting with old friends from childhood in Northern Virginia.  I grew up across the street from two sisters, Nancy and Diane, in Arlington, Virginia.  I was six years old, Nancy was five, and Diane was four.  We grew up together, played together, walked to school together every day (elementary, junior high, senior high), and shared every stage of childhood together.  We all went to separate colleges and universities, but always returned to our childhood homes across the street from one another and shared our experiences.

As the years passed, we each married and started building separate lives and careers with our husbands, and moved away from Arlington.  Nancy and Diane and their families both live west of Arlington in Vienna, Virginia, a lovely wooded suburb.  Our family lived in Fairfax, Virginia, then moved to West Lafayette, Indiana (home of Purdue University) then moved to Fort Collins, Colorado (home of Colorado State University), where I continue to live today.  No matter where we all lived,  we still managed to see each other even if it was only in summer or during holidays when we returned to see our families.  We would share some of the various adventures and challenges that Life had presented to us along the way.  Shared Life's "seasons", if you will.

As we've matured and aged over the years, I've noticed that those childhood-into-adulthood relationships have grown dearer and more precious to me.  I treasure them.  And I now make it a point to return and visit my dear childhood friends more frequently.  It's become much more important for me to keep in touch.  How about you?  Do you still stay in touch with childhood friends?

Notice:  Please check my website Tuesday afternoon to see the new schedule of radio interviews for Wednesday, September 19th.  I'll be talking about my new Suspense release, DEADLY POLITICS, on various morning shows around the country.  Check my website Tuesday afternoon for times and stations.     


Heather said...

I too am still friends with some of the same girls I was in high school--one of whom I've actually known since 6th grade. We may not get together as often as we'd like, but do make the effort whenever we can and keep in regular contact through phone calls and email.

Ironically, my 'best friend' from middle through college and I drifted apart after college. After we were both back in our old town and able to spend more physical time together, we found our lives had gone in two different directions and we now had very little in common.

It wasn't a conscious decision not to be friends anymore, we just gradually stopped talking to each other. We still keep in touch, but are not as close as we once were.

Aurian said...

Nope, no more childhood friends in the picture. But I have a couple of good friends, and that is enough.
I did just finish your new book, Deadly Politics, and it sure is not a cozy mystery! I loved it, but that ending, well... How long do I have to wait to read the next book?

Linda McDonald said...

Yes, I have several childhood friends that I still remain in touch with. And just this summer we had a reunion summer picnic and it was so much fun to see everyone who showed up.

Maggie Sefton said...

Heather---That's very interesting about how some relationships change.

Aurian---I'm so glad you gave DEADLY POLITICS a try. And yes, it is a Suspense, not a cozy. :) There's a LOT more happening in the plot. Also there's more than one Bad Guy, and they're networked---and they have an agenda. Plus readers get to see what happens when someone gets on their radar screen, it's not good. REaders also meet Molly Malone and see that she's someone who will keep pushing and searching for information to find out what happened to her niece. That's how Molly gets on the Bad Guys radar screen. :)

Maggie Sefton said...

Linda---That's wonderful. Congratulations!