Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh, Those Cute Pet Videos

by Kate Collins

Have you seen the video yet about Mudd the dog frolicking on a trampoline? Or the little pig who saves a baby goat? Or anything with a kitten in it?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for those videos. If I watch one, I’ll end up watching others, usually for fifteen minutes or more. They’re irresistible, especially when I’m supposed to be working.

What I don’t like are the comments that follow the videos. Often, they’re buzz-killers. I’m not sure why people feel as though they have to say something negative. Why not just go on to the next?

That also happens in on-line news articles. Sometimes there are good discussions after the article, but often the comments are just people taking nasty swipes at other people. Could that be one reason why the e-newspapers are becoming so popular?

How about you? Are you a sucker for animal videos? Why do you think they’re so popular? Have you ever put up a pet video? Do you read the news on line?


Kate H said...

I love animal videos! They are usually so cute. Just saw this one of the bulldog on the trampoline yesterday on I also don't know why people make some of the negative comments they do.

Aurian said...

No I seldom watch videos online, too afraid of viruses in them. And they are timesucks.
I also don't like reading or watching the news, too depressing. I do listen to the highlights on the radio though, and I do get an email about local news. And sometimes I go take a closer look, and see the comments. And you are right, most of those are nasty. Makes me not want to read them at all.

Cindy said...

I thought that Mudd was hilarious and he was having so much fun! It just made you feel happy and joyful. Yeah, I do watch the videos especially the cat ones. Luckily most of the time they are very long so I can watch one quick and then move on to something else. I have 3 cats so how can I resist!

Kate Collins said...

My problem is that once I watch one, four others pop up in the box that are irresistible! And then four more . . . . and yep, it IS a big time suck. But I sure do come away smiling. Isn't that why people watch?

Anonymous said...

Love the animals, such cuteness.

I don't understand why people like to leave nasty comments on some of those sites. They seem to enjoy the anonymous bullying, I don't know.

ccl said...

I totally love the cute animal videos. Yeah, they are a time suck, but what a better use of my time - watcdhing something that makes me feel good rather than reading depressing things.

I keep telling myself that I won't read the comments after online stories or videos, but I guess it's that old "can't go by an accident without looking" mentality. I still occasionally look at the comments and I get so irratated that it can ruin the good feeling I got from the article.

There are a lot of very unhappy people out there that need to get a life - find something to do with their time instead of bashing other people. I can't imagine living with myself if all I can think about is how to be nasty to others. Very sad, and if I were a better person I would feel sorry for them, but I usually just feel disgust.