Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oh The Excitement

It’s the little things in life that make me giddy. Truly.

Like my new salad spinner.

Oh, I know you’re thinking I really need to get a life, but that silly salad spinner makes me happy.

It came into my life about a month or so ago after years of waging war against soggy salads. It was after a batch of freshly washed lettuce turned all brown on me that went researching how to wash and store lettuce properly.

I came across an amazing blog post (which of course now I cannot find) where the blogger guaranteed fresh crisp lettuce that could be stored in the fridge over a week.

How? I wanted to know. I needed to know!

And that’s when she pointed her readers to the holy grail of salad spinners, the OXO Salad Spinner.

I had to have it. Had. To. Have. It.

I went, I bought, I waited while it shipped. And then I tried it out.

My salads haven’t been the same since.

That’s a good thing! I’m thrilled with this purchase, and as an added bonus, it’s just plain fun pushing that plunger that sets the bowls a’spinnin'.

Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget?


Dru said...

Yes, it's called the microwave.

Heather Blake Webber said...

LOL, Dru Ann!

Aimee Hix said...

Oh, this is one of my favorite topics. I will literally extol the virtues (or bemoan the inadequacies) of my kitchen tools/gadgets.

My favorite gadget is my milk frother. I love using it to make tea lattes.

I also have this amazing set of Rachael Ray silicon spoons that have a notch and sit on the edge of the pot - one is a spoon and the other a ladle. I LOVE them!

Next, I love my cookie tray cooler. It folds flat so it doesn't take up too much space and then the arms fold down to make four resting places for cookie sheets.

Finally, I uber lurve my extra large heavy duty steel cookie sheets. I found them at King Arthur Flour (oh my god, how much I love them!) and asked for some for Christmas. I am asking for 2 more this year because I can make 16 tablespoon scoop cookies on each. More varieties faster. :)

Sadly, I have fallen out of love with my Kitchenaid. The little bugger is just too small and underpowered for some of my cookie varieties and the motor is a joke. If I only wanted to make cake batter or plain chocolate chip cookies, it'd be fine but my Oatmeal Cookie Kings (Wendy's cookies) or the Sweet and Salty Butter Pecan Cookies (aka Jess's Crack Cookies) it bumps around like the bowl is trying to escape the paddle and the motor sounds like a lawnmower on its last legs. :(

I may have to ask for a Viking this year.

Kate Collins said...

I love my salad spinner, too, Heather. But my favorite tool is my immersion blender. It's so much easier to use and clean than a full sized blender. Life has gotten so much easier!

Debra said...

I'm with Kate, I love my immersion blender! I look for recipes that require blending. But I also love my Hamilton Beach "will not overcook" slow cooker, anything Oxo, my garlic press and measuring spoons.
There is a name for our illness, Kitchenalia. And I don't want to be cured. I knew I had it bad, when I smiled when hubby told me he broke our very old food processor. I do buy replacement parts when I can, but I am now on the hunt for a blue food processor . It has to be blue to match the Kitchenaid.

Linda McDonald said...

I'm going to get the oxo salad spinner! We've been eating a bit more healthy lately, and you've convinced me to get the spinner! As for favorites, I have a favorite cooking pot that I bought at a work "used-goods" sale. I got it and another pot for 50 cents. For some reason I just totally love cooking in this one particular no frills pot.

Annette said...

I love my old black cast iron skillet, even though it weighs a ton and I seldom use it anymore - not much frying. But, if I have to fry, it is perfection. And I have an ancient lettuce saver from Tupperware - the lid is cracked, but if I buy a head of lettuce and put it in the saver and store in the fridge, that lettuce stays good for 2 weeks, easily. I am not much at cooking anymore, but I also love my Belgian cookware.

Aurian said...

Lol, fun post. I am not much for playing in the kitchen, but yes, when I bu lettuce, I have to use it the same day, or the next, or I don't want to eat it anymore. But most often, I buy those ready to eat salads, where you only have to add the dressing that is inside in a little plastic bag, and the croutons. Very easy, very tasty, different kinds of salads. And exactly enough for one person for dinner. Just add the dressing, the dry bits, and the cheese, mix it all, leave it alone for a few minutes, and eat.

Anonymous said...

Ahh my Aunt took me to a kitchen wear sale in SF last Xmas,75% off all brands. It was heaven. I am so in love with my new Cephlon Stainless cookwear,Farberwear grill pan and my set of Farberwear Platimun bakewear. I added the Paula Dean robins egg blue cookwear to match my kitchen and a Kitchen Aid blue tea kettle. I choose usable items over a mixer which would be to big for my kitchen. Not much for gadgets I like usable items.