Sunday, September 2, 2012

Living in a Cheap Motel

by Leann

I have said since we moved into this 50-year-old rental house that it's like living in 1960's style motel. The grungy tile in the bathroom, the shower stall with enough soap scum on the walls to plaster a ceiling, the creaky floor, the thermostat that never really works--it's either too hot or too cold, no in between. Yup. Cheap motel-ish.

The good news is we have two bedrooms for storage and one to sleep in. There is plenty of room for our washer and dryer and my new fridge. The oven is iffy and I've burned just about everything I've tried to cook on the ancient electric range. But I'll figure it out. The landlord has been kind enough to put up handrails on the steps that lead outside in two places. Good thing, because I could win Klutz of the Year award even under perfect conditions.

But the sinks are slow to drain, every time the air conditioner cycles off, the duct work makes a "boom" sound that sends animals scurrying for cover and there are many many insects outside, even after I had the exterminator come. I keep telling myself this is temporary. We'll move as soon as we find the right house plan--which I hope happens quickly.

So I told my daughter about how this house is like living in a bad 60's motel and she decided we needed an "accent piece" for our new abode. And here it is!

This is our new and lovely ceramic horse ASHTRAY!! Perfect for the motel ambiance. I am so excited! (And am so grateful my daughter and I have the same sense of humor.)

What about you? Did you ever get the perfect gift from someone who knew you well?


Aurian said...

O wow, that sounds horrible. I really do hope you find a better place soon.

Aimee Hix said...

I actually got a wonderful gift from someone who apparently knew me a little better than I knew myself and it has been a wonderful reminder to be brave and embrace life in the face of change.

Anonymous said...

Leann, get those slow moving drains going with a very easy fix: baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water. It has never failed for me. Here's a website that explains it.

I've just about given up on most cleaning products and use white vinegar for just about anything. It's amazing, cheap, and doesn't hurt the environment. (Kills weeds, too! I buy it by the gallon.)