Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Listening to Books

I've always been a big fan of audiobooks, all the way back to when they were called books-on-tape. My day job involved a long commute and listening to stories saved my sanity. Most of the time, I wished I could keep right on trucking past my place of employment until the book ended.

So I was major disappointed when none of my books were offered in audio. And since the publisher held all rights, I couldn't DIY (or is it DIM?)

While traveling with the  Fatal Four (Maggie Sefton, Jenn McKinley, Wendy Watson, and moi) through Texas, a state with more pavement than any other, where Texans have long hauls between cities and jobs, I heard a lot of requests for audiobooks.

But my hands were tied (or handcuffed). Until the day when my books went out of print and rights reverted back to me. Hurray! I started hunting for a narrator for the Gertie Johnson series. Gertie lives in the Michigan Upper Peninsula, where locals has a very distinctive accent, one that might become challenging to listen to for seven hours. But wait, Gertie wasn't born and raised there. She's a transplant. So never mind an accent.

That's when I found Carol Herman and we started collaborating on the audio version of Murder Passes the Buck. I LOL every time I hear her imitate Grandma Johnson. Carol is a wonderfully talented narrator.

You can listen to the first chapter at Amazon's Audible (the sample button is right below the cover image) or at Apple's iTunes, if you're interested.

I just wish I had taken contact information from those Texans who were so hungry for something to listen to. If you run into any of them, please spread the word.

Any other audiobook lovers out there?


leonberger said...

Hi there. I'm a great Audiobook-listener too. And I've already downloaded 'Murder passes the buck'. Looking forward to hear that one soon. At the Moment it is 'Murder of the Cat' Meow' written by Denise Swanson. Great Series too.
I have subscribed to as well as to Because I'm really hooked to Cozy-Crimes.
It's a shame though, I do not have access to all audibles. Because they are not to be 'delivered' to Switzerland. Worte about this to the publisher of Lorna Barrett. But never got an answer... Well, the one's I don't get as Audibles, I buy in paperback. Nice too :-)
Greetings from Switzerland, annina

Deb said...

Wow! Thank you for your support and happy listening!!

ladyvyvian said...

My personal exposure to audio books came when I went to work at the Post Office. I worked at a remote incoding center and we were allowed to listen to audio while working since our job did not require much independent cogitation. I don't know how many books I listened to over the years until my retirement but I found that the narrator made quite a difference in the enjoyment of the story. I don't listen much any more as I am find I fall asleep if I try to listen at home but I read a lot of books. So, keep up the good work.

The Cat Bastet said...

I love audio books and am so glad you were able to get your books published that way! Thanks for the good news. Heading now... :)

Cathy AJ

Chèli said...

I listen to audio books all the time.
They're great when I'm working on my needlework or cooking!

But I do e-books in bed at night and regular old paper books otherwise.

Love cozies any way I can get them!

Cheli's Shelves

Linda McDonald said...

I'm not sure what my problem is, but I seem to only be able to listen to audio books if they are nonfiction. Maybe part of it is that I will listen to the audio books in the car, and perhaps I can stop at anyplace in a nonfiction book, whereas with fiction I want to keep going. Or maybe my brain is just weird. :) But, I'll always read your print books Deb!

Kaye Killgore said...

My mother is blind, and when I look for cozy mysteries on the library website I find very few. It would be great if more cozy mysteries would be available in digital (audio) format for the blind (through the library).

Unknown said...

Kaye, believe me, we would all LOVE to have our books available in audio. Often, our publishers own the rights (and WON'T GIVE THEM BACK even if they don't intend to use them). The first five of my Booktown Mysteries are available on audio, but only as downloads. I feel this really hurt the series as a lot of people don't yet have MP3 Players and would rather just shove a CD into a player. (I know I would.) They canceled the audio books because not enough of them sold. It's too bad; the reader (Cassandra Campbell) did a wonderful job.

Leann's Yellow Rose Mysteries are available on audio -- and I believe they are on CD. You could ask your library to order them.

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I will definitely check this out! I love audio books. On the days I work I'm in the car over an hour, so I'm always listening to a book. I have an Audible account, which is wonderful because most audio books are expensive and my library doesn't carry many. Can't wait to give this a listen!

ev said...

I am a big audio listener and I can't wait to add this to my list!!!

Nancy Jo said...

I'll be getting your book, for sure! I listen to books while I commute. The commuting flies by! I listen to two or three books a month. I also travel between Washington DC area and my place in Myrtle Beach, SC. The trips go much faster when i'm listening to an audio book. Audio books allow me to combine my love of stories and knitting. I can't wait to start listening to yours.

Aurian said...

I really cannot listen to audiobooks. My attention wanders, or I should be careful when driving. And of course I read faster myself. But then, I very rarely spend longer than 1 hour in the car by myself. My best friend listens a lot, also when doing household jobs. But for that, I just want loud music.