Friday, September 21, 2012

It's sweater time!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Once upon a time, I thought sweaters were dorky.  Only nerds wore sweaters, and I wanted to be cool.

But, it turns out that I'm much more nerd than cool and I swear sweaters.  A lot.

Come the colder months (and it was 49F out when I woke up this morning), I not only wear sweatshirts, but add a sweater on top.  Growing up, we never had the thermostat above 68 -- now that I'm paying the utility bills, I set it at 70.  (Big improvement, huh?)  I also have a little heater in my office (since it is the room farthest from the furnace and therefore any forced air that actually makes it here is COLD), so sometimes I even have a sweater or small afghan across my knees.  Cats are great and toasty warm, but they aren't big enough to cover my entire lap.  (They're such picky eaters -- if they'd only eat all their Friskies it wouldn't be a problem.)

So it's sweaters for me.  I have a bunch of light-weight sweaters that are perfect for cool summer evenings, and then I have a few big-time HEAVY sweaters.  My mother made two of them on her knitting machine and they are BIG and HEAVY.  You stay warm, but you grow tired from hauling all that sweater weight around all day.  I like cardigans.  I like being able to take them on and off easily without wrecking my hair (as with a pullover).

Tricia Miles (from my Booktown Mysteries) wears sweater sets all year round.  (She keeps her mystery bookstore, Haven't Got a Clue, air conditioned during the warmer months, don't you know, and those New Hampshire winters get plenty cold.)  I've never worn a sweater set in my life, but I thought Tricia would look good in them.  She's a nerd, but she looks cool.

So, are you a sweater nerd or are you one of the cool girls -- or are you like Tricia and both?

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