Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Introverts Unite!

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

I’m an introvert and proud of it! When I was a girl, I thought something was seriously wrong with me - few friends, holed up in my room reading until my mother dragged me out to socialize, public speaking really freaked me out and I avoided it like swine flu... I liked animals more than people:)...

Now that I'm wearing big girl pants, I've found a comfortable sense of self and I'm okay with me.

We introverts aren’t misfits or weirdos. We grow up to be scientists, musicians, philosophers, artists, poets, writers.... Add traits like flexible, independent, the most loyal friends, creative…the list goes on and on.

Here’s a little about us:
  • We don’t follow the crowd. We march to a different drummer.
  • Yes, we talk, but only if we have something to say.
  • We don't need a gaggle of friends, just a few really cherished ones.
  • Sure, we like to go out, but not for as long. We need to recharge often.
  • Interaction is best one on one, not within a big crowd.
  • Our idea of relaxing is at home or in nature.
  • No, we aren't shy, but we are more observers than participants. Go ahead, talk to us.
  • Introverts think a lot, tend to daydream, solve puzzles, read books and books and more books.
 See, we aren't so bad. Just a little different.

Introverts, you probably know who you are. For the undecided, here’s a test you can take to find out.

Introverts unite! Stand up and be counted!
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