Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Don't Have to Wait Until November?

by Leann

In Texas, we didn't have my favorite season--autumn. Summer there morphs into a gray and gloomy season I would call "finter." Combine fall and winter and you've got "finter." If we got a day in the low 60's I'd haul out the chili ingredients with glee. I love chili, but in south Texas you don't get many "chili days."

Here in South Carolina, however, we are receiving our first taste of autumn. The temps at night will be in the 50's for the next few days and the leaves are already yellowing and beginning to swirl in a humidity-free breeze. I grew up in western NY and it wasn't until I moved to a sub-tropical climate that I realized how much autumn meant to me. Don't get me wrong. Early spring in Texas is absolutely stunning with azaleas and roses and the sweet scent of honeysuckle every time you step out the door.

This first little cool snap here in South Carolina made me wonder why spring never meant as much to me as autumn--since a Texas spring can rival the beauty of any place in the US. It has to do, I realized, with school.  I loved school. I loved new shoes, new teachers, new friends. But I loved learning and autumn was mostly about learning. Growing up, spring seemed a little sad. It now know that's because I was anticipating the end of school. Then I'd have to wait for what, as a child, seemed like forever for another autumn.

I still feel a tad lost here. I miss the home I made in Texas, the people I loved, the familiarity of the streets and even those awful freeways. But this autumn-feeling is literally a breath of fresh air. I don't have to wait until November for a taste of autumn. That makes me smile.

What about you? What does autumn mean to you?

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