Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Financial Security Begins in Your Panty Drawer

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

Those of you who’ve read my Gertie Johnson stories know that ninety-two-year-old Grandma Johnson is one mean woman. Poor Gert, she has to live with Grandma on a daily basis. Good thing she has a strong sense of self or she would have been beaten down long ago. Like Grandma’s dead husband was.

Grandma doesn’t particularly like men (or women or dogs or…), so when she decided to write a guerrilla guide for women called Hide This Book: A Woman’s Secret Guide to Controlling a Man, Gertie knew her M-I-L was going to cause all kinds of trouble.

But just try to stop her!

Murder Begins at Home features some insight into Grandma’s rather twisted mind. Yet she’s lived a long time, making her a wise meany. Like thinking women should have their own stash of cash. Gone are the days of hiding money in the cookie jar. Here are Grandma’s hiding suggestions for building a nest egg of your own.
  • In your sewing basket  
  • Tape an envelope filled with George Washington’s to the back of a picture hanging on the wall 
  • Slip bills between the pages of a romance novel 
  • Hide a wad in the freezer, but not under the ice cube tray. He uses that
  • Stuff them in a feminine product box
Any other creative hiding places you want to add? Join in and help Grandma with the chapter called Financial Security Begins in Your Panty Drawer. You might find your ideas (and acknowledgement) between the covers.


Aurian said...

Lol put some carpet in your closet, leave a corner loose, and put your money under there.

I've got a collection of teapots, ideal places to put stuff you don't want to loose (but don't forget which teapot you used...)

Deb Baker said...

Under carpet? Brilliant!

Jeannie D. said...

My daughter tapes her money underneath the tank lid of the toilet to hide it from her husband! He has yet to ever find it. Mainly because if they have plumbing problems, he yells for her. My grandmother hid her egg money in between the pages of her Woman's Home Companion cookbook.

Debra said...

Crooks always look in the freezer. Maybe husbands too. Sorry, I don't have better ideas. Maybe an unused purse?

Anonymous said...

I live alone, so I don't have to hide money. Just thought I'd mention how much I enjoy the series. Any readers who haven't read any are in for a treat.

Deb said...

Happy Dance!! :)

Julie Hyzy said...

Some of these ideas are *hilarious* - love 'em! How about above one of the panels in a dropped ceiling? I always find money in my jacket pockets when I pull out the winter stuff, but unfortunately it's never very much!

grammajudyb said...

I've used the feminine product box to hide money, not from my husband cause I don't agree with that notion, but to just hide it, so we have a stash if needed.