Sunday, September 16, 2012

Do You HAVE to Have a Dining Room???

by Leann

The quest is on to find the right house plan so we can build the home on Lake Greenwood. We know what we want. Should be easy, right? WRONG. I am officially blurry-eyed  and frustrated after looking at, I swear, a thousand house plans on the Internet.

Simple to find a house without a formal dining room, right? Wrong again. Seems every plan has a formal dining area and for our wants and needs, that's a waste of space. Every house we've owned had a formal dining room and we hardly used it all. I want our kitchen, dining area and living area to flow together. Open concept without a space offset for eating. See, several years ago I bought a beautiful oak table made by the Amish. Guaranteed to last forever. It's beautiful and I want it be the divider between our kitchen and living area. We had an open concept in the house we just sold and I loved it--but we still had that formal dining area. This time, no. Do. Not. Want.

This is becoming a real stumbling block and finding an architect, meeting with her/him is a pretty intense, expensive and long process. Of course there are other stumbling blocks--like optimum view of the lake, the garage cannot face the street (per deed restrictions), and having the most lived in spaces with the best look at all the beauty that will surround us. We've found a few things we like that come close, but it looks like more compromises as to what we want are in store.

Next up might be figuring out how to use software to do the design. I've heard it's not easy to use that stuff. Anyone out there have any ideas on how to make this easier? What software is simple to use? How to get over frustrating afternoons without hitting the bottle? :-)

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