Friday, September 14, 2012

A nice, brisk walk

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

At least five mornings of the week, I attempt to take a nice, brisk walk.  I loathe exercise, but walking I can tolerate. I walk up my street and back down, and that makes a mile. I should probably do it twice, but I've got way too much to do.  (And that's why I say I attempt to do it. Usually I make it 3-4 times a week, but I do have the best of intentions.)

One of the perks of taking that walk is that I get a peaceful fifteen minuts to think. For a while I would haul out my MP3 player and walk to music. I will admit, it helps me pick up the pace, but it also keeps me from thinking.

What in the world do I have to think about?

MY STORIES.  (Which develop into my books.)

Yesterday, I was thinking about how much my ankle hurt when I decided to distract myself and think about Tricia Miles and her next adventure. The next thing you know, I'm talking to myself. I often wonder if my neighbors think I'm nuts, or that I have a blue tooth squirreled behind my ear. (I sure hope it's the latter.) Tricia and Angelica had a BIG conversation.  Tricia and Ginny had a BIG conversation. Tricia and Captain Baker had a tiny conversation (Well, eventually it'll be a BIG conversation, but I have no idea where in the book this conversation is going to go, or ultimately where it will lead.  Perhaps that's for Monday's walk.)

These conversations ended up adding over 2,000 words to my manuscript.  YIPPEE!  I always have such a tough time getting into the story, that anything these ladies (and gentleman) want to say to me right now is very welcome.

What do you use as a jumping point for your creativity?
AND NOW FOR THE WINNER OF THE DESK CONTEST:  We had a four way tie, so we drew a name from the hat -- and the hat said that Linda McDonald is the winner of the Cozy Chick swag.  Congratulations, Linda. The runners up were Brittany, Carol Brown, and Dru Ann Love.

We'll have another contest soon.  Stay tuned!

BTW:  The answers are:

A. Heather
B. Deb
C. Maggie
D. Leanne
E. Lorraine
F. Kate
G. Julie
H. Jennifer/Ellery


Anonymous said...

Walking is a great way to meditate, and when you've got dogs, there is your motivation, dogs are very good a giving guilt, even when they have just had a 2 hour walk!

Katreader said...

My dog, Sam, makes certain I walk EVERY day. If it wasn't for him, I doubt I'd walk at all.

Linda McDonald said...

Thank you Cozy Chicks! The desk contest was a lot of fun. :) My dog Sandy makes sure that we get out for our walk every day. Even on days I don't really want to go, I still can't resist when she looks at me with those eyes, patiently waiting to see me put on my walking shoes. And it is during these walks that I try and plot out ideas for stories.

ladyvyvian said...

Is there a list of the answers so we can see where we messed up? My e-mail is