Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Full House

 by Maggie Sefton  (who is annoyed with Blogger because it suddenly went blue and underlined)

Wow!  These past two weeks have flown by, filled with birthdays, anniversaries, and family celebrations.  I'm still here in Northern Virginia--Fairfax County, to be specific--at my daughter Christine's home along with my in-laws, Nancy & Jim Zanellato from Crown Point, Indiana.  Along with my daughter, son-in-law Tim, and three grandchildren (grandson Matthew is off to college now) make for a very full house.  But, we're all old pros at handling large family gatherings.  We fill up all the bedrooms, the downstairs sofa, and Natale and AnaSofa double up in her bedroom.  I'm on the downstairs sofa and am quite comfortable.  I proudly proclaim myself the Queen of Sofa Sleepers, if there is such a thing.  :)  Since I've made it a point of traveling a LOT since the Kelly Flynn Mysteries first debuted in June 2005, I've slept on a lot of sofas, believe me.  Freeloading on Family and Friends, I call it.  Hey. . .I'm a good guest!  I'm neat and tidy, clean up after myself, and always treat my hosts to a very nice dinner at their favorite restaurant while there. 

Monday night will be the last night for me and for Nancy and Jim.  (I'm writing this post on Labor Day).  We three will be clearing out Tuesday morning.  Nancy and Jim will drive back to their Indiana home.  And I will head to another Northern Virginia location, Vienna, VA.  It's right next to McLean, VA which is on the edge of my old hometown of Arlington---which is beside the Potomac River, right across from Washington, DC.   My oldest, dearest friends---
Nancy & Diane---both live in Vienna with their husbands.  Nancy & Diane are the closest things to sisters I've ever had, and those friendships grow dearer and more precious over the years.

After that, I'll be staying alone at my daughter Maria's Arlington condo apartment while she's out of town on  business for three weeks.  Her location is super convenient for me to slip into Washington on the Metro and disappear among the tourists----laptop in backpack---so I can start writing the third in the Molly Malone Suspense series.  Meanwhile, I'll also be doing book events for DEADLY POLITICS, first in the series, during the month of September.  

But tonight, the family will gather for Natale's 14th birthday dinner at her favorite Japanese steakhouse. And cake when we return home.  That leaves only one more family birthday for next weekend when the clan will gather and celebrate yet again.   And, yes------that means more cake.  :)

Did you travel over the Labor Day weekend?  Any family birthdays or celebrations?


Jeannie D. said...

Wow! You have been busy!! My Mom will celebrate her 87th birthday Thursday. So my daughter and I have been planning and baking and cooking all weekend for it. Have fun in D.C. it is an amazing place to visit.

Aurian said...

No Labor Day weekend here in Holland, just an ordinairy one. Have fun this last week and with the last cake :)

I received Deadly Politics yesterday, yeah!

Maggie Sefton said...

Jeannie---Cupcakes, yum! :). Your mom will be so delighte

Maggie Sefton said...

Thanks so much, Aurian. :)