Monday, August 27, 2012

What Harry Does in Vegas . . .

by Kate Collins

What Harry did in Vegas obviously did not stay in Vegas.  Seriously, in this age of instant cell phone communication and Facebook photos, did Harry really think it would?  You have to wonder what crossed his mind as he slowly stripped down to his birthday suit. “Who’s going to care if I’m buck naked?” or maybe “Who’s going to notice?” or even “What are they gonna do, shoot a pic of me?”

On the other hand, maybe he was too far gone for anything to cross his mind.

Surprisingly, at least to me, a full 68% of Brits surveyed said Harry’s antics were acceptable for a young man on a private holiday.

Even a “Royal?” Apparently so.

I was expecting him to receive a severe dressing down from his grandmother the Queen, but if she gave him one, then what happened in Buckingham Palace clearly stayed in Buckingham Palace.

I’ve heard that Las Vegasians are up in arms over this violation of their code of honor (you know, the what happens in Vegas thing) and are trying to smoke out the person who snapped those pics of Harry. I sure wouldn’t want to be in her or his shoes right now.

What’s your opinion? Should a Royal, even a young one on holiday, remain dignified wherever he finds himself or be able to let loose and git nekkid?  Do you agree with the whole "What happens in Vegas" mindset?
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